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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ARCH 1201 Project two

The picture has been resized after uploaded on the blog, I break down the whole picture into several parts so that the words on the pictures can be seen clearly.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Final Submission for EXP3

1. 18 Sketch Perspectives

2. 36 Custom textures

3. Mashup

The most powerful woman in the world can be a good role model for girls and show them they can do whatever they feel passionate about and still live a healthy life. She would make a difference by being true to herself, bringing hope and inspiration to other people. As far as females are concerned, it seems that their looks are always more scrutinized then the looks of their male counterparts. People love her because she's insanely beautiful but not only for this reason. In order for women to succeed in today’s environment, they must take on some male characteristics to be strong enough to sit on an equal footing with all other males, showing the world there are no boundaries to courage and faith. Everyone is looking for the answers of a powerful life, but the answers are within ourselves. It seems to be a balanced combination of external appearance with internal spirituality.

KOSOR, ADLESIC, DJINDJIC, Who doesn't want to be like Angela Merkel? DALGE, 05/10/2009

PROTHINSPO, Australian Models, accessed 10/05/2010

George Putnam, One Reporter's Opinion: Helen Keller, American Hero, Newsmax, 30/06/2006

4. Development of spaces

The whole project has been developed through the session and a lot of things has been changed.
This is the first draft. Kerr's office is on the right and Merkel's is on the left. The meeting space is in the middle. In this one I didn't really thought about the load bearing and how each part support each others. The meeting space is not in practical.

The structure of the bridge has been changed in the second draft, not only because of the load bearing but also that the continuity of the curves can interpret my idea in mashup.

This is the final model. All the details are add in and all the connection is strengthened.

I choose the landscape in Australia in my design.

Draft environment

Developed environment

Final Submission

This image shows how the building fit the landscape. Kerr's office is on the right, Merkel's office is on the left and the meeting space is down below in the middle.

Kerr's Office
The inspiration comes from the curvature of woman's body as Kerr's power is her beauty. The purple and pink textures shows her female characteristics.

Merkel's Office

Both curves and straight lines are used because not only she is a female but also takes on some characteristics to be strong enough to site on an equal footing with all other males in the political environment. Also the curves of the bridge near her office become more and more straight. The composition of her office is quite mechanical, indicating how the government operates.


Merkel's elevator forms by squares but there're still some kind of curves in side because of its composition.

Kerr's elevator comes from the shape of Japanese Temple as she practices Nichiren Buddhism - a Japanese branch of Buddhism. It provides her a balance combination of external appearance with internal spirituality.

Dining table
The dining table can be seen as a transformation of bridge structure. I'm trying to use it to divide the meeting space into two parts. One is the formal repast area and the other part is more relax. The exterior scene is good for a afternoon tea.

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